The mission of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, a Roman Catholic School, is to provide a safe and challenging environment that enables students to be confident, creative and resourceful lifelong problem solvers. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs strives to develop students talents and respect for each other through Cooperative Learning.


Alumni reach a new milestone. The office in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School is a very busy place. On any given day, hundreds of phone calls and letters are received. These vary from parents calling in to investigate a school matter, to an advertiser trying to sell the latest and greatest product designed to enhance a teachers life. One morning, a letter arrived that read, We would like to start a scholarship in the memory of our beloved son, Thomas Hanlon Jr. Thomas Hanlon Sr. had lost his son, Thomas Hanlon Jr., but he wanted his legacy to live on. To do so, he created the Thomas Hanlon Jr. Scholarship Fund. Having been a member of the 1954 graduating class, Thomas Hanlon Sr. credits his success to his primary education at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School. A check was also enclosed with that letter. Thomas, along with his wife Miriam, sponsored a child that day. Today, they sponsor ten. The Hanlons decided to get as many people involved in the act of giving as possible. So, every St. Patricks Day, they bring together family and friends at J.C. Fogartys Town Tavern in Bronxville, New York in honor of this great cause. They reminisce about the good old days and they share stories of how Thomas Jr. touched their lives. Thomas courage and fortitude are on full display during these assemblies. Even though Thomas Jr. is the focal point of the gathering, everyone is there for the betterment of the children of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School.What started off as a small turnout has transformed into a staple. This year, approximately one-hundred and fifty people supported the Thomas Hanlon Jr. Scholarship Fund. In 2011, they were able to raise over $20,000, and this years event totaled $18,105. All of this kindness and generosity is displayed through the Hanlon and Friends commitment to excellence in education at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School. Parents that could not afford to give their children a Catholic school education now have their children on a path to knowledge and learn


Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School was awarded the Tapley Award in July 2012 by the Columbia University Medical Center in recognition of the schools activities and services. The school also received praise for its Greenhouse and Animal Husbandry programs.

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