Pets:There are five different species of animals located throughout the school.

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Offers:

School Hours :7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
After School Program Hours : 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Computer Lab:
All classrooms in OLQM are connected to the internet via T-1 connection. Smartboards are located in 75% of classrooms. Inwood Tree Project: Through MillionTreesNYC, Parks Natural Resources Group Forestry Crew Member Jose Baez led 8th grade students from his alma mater, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School, in a forest restoration project in Inwood Hill Park. The student volunteers learned how to identify and remove invasive species which out compete and replace native vegetation, resulting in the loss of native plant species which provide habitat for wildlife.


The Tapley Award
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School was awarded the Tapley Award in July 2012 by the Columbia University Medical Center in recognition of the schools activities and services. The school also received praise for its Greenhouse and Animal Husbandry programs.

To further enhance out the Science Curriculum a fully staffed greenhouse is located on the school roof.

Animal Husbandry:
Students are exposed to animal friendly atmosphere that encourages healthy learning interaction between students and animals.

Trout in the Classroom Project:
Students are involved in raising Brook Trout for reintroduction into their natural habitat.

Weather bug:
A Weatherbug station on the school roof enables all students at OLQM to be part of a nationwide study of Meteorology.


School Town
The Religion program at OLQM is incorporating School Town into its curriculum. School Town is a platform for students to learn 21st century skills. With the use of assignments, discussions, chat, Wiki, Blog, and Media Portal a normal Religion class is transferred into a 21st Century class that allows students to reach their full potential and use the same tools that they will need later on in life.

Childhood Education Program: 21st Century School Pre-K Hands On
Pre-Kindergarten is about preparing young children with the fundamental skills needed to succeed as lifelong students. It’s the most important time in their educational journey, when children learn to share, work with others to solve problems, and develop early literacy and math skills. At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School, we help our young pupils develop these skills not only through hands-on activities, but by also incorporating the use of a Smart Board. Technology in the classroom is constantly increasing and has a positive effect on the cognitive development of children. In our Pre-K program, our students are given the opportunity, on a daily basis, to explore the use of the Smart Board with supporting activities in a playful and exciting way. Smart Boards in our Pre-K classes have increased each childs interest and enthusiasm for learning. The excitement that the children show is astounding. They are all engaged and always eager to participate!

The Art and Music programs
What started out as an After School Program activity has now taken on a life of its own. The art and music portion of the ASP allows the students of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs to express their creativity in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

The hallways of the school are now decorated with beautiful artwork. The students have embraced Miss Whitney Bilotta, the art teacher, as one of their own. Miss Bilottas unique abstract techniques have become the talk of the town. The students of OLQM look forward to having art class where they can convey their unique ideas and interact differently. They create works of art using chalk, watercolors, pastels, and tempera paint. Hand drawn artworks are made with pencils and crayons. The elementary students are encouraged to create whatever their imagination brews. The middle school children analyze paintings by artists like Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder and Vincent Van Gogh. They use these artists as inspiration for their own artwork. Miss Bilotta is always encouraging the kids by repeating her mantra: Imagination is the magic carpet of the mind.

As you walk the hallways and observe the childrens artwork, the faint sounds of drums and tambourines fill the air. Alma Micic, a Jazz musician and vocal instructor, works with the students of Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade. Mrs. Alma, as she is fondly referred to, guides the students natural enthusiasm for music and movement into a rich, positive learning experience for the students. She works with the homeroom teachers to enrich their daily lessons. During the holidays, she provides creative support for the Christmas and spring shows Christian Values

A Cardinal Celebration
Students and faculty celebrate the impending elevation of Cardinal Timothy Dolan. St. Valentines Day usually means roses, candy, and plenty of Hersheys Kisses. The eighth grade has an annual St. Valentines Day bake sale. All the school children get to dress in their red outfits and share all of their tasty delights.

On February 14th, 2012, St. Valentines Day took on a different meaning. The students of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs held a special St. Valentines Day Mass in honor of Cardinal designate Timothy Dolan, along with all the schools throughout the Archdiocese of New York. Timothy Dolan was set to be elevated to Cardinal on the 18th of February. Faculty, staff, and students gathered to pray for him. During the Mass, Fr. Antonio Almonte took time to discuss the significance of Timothy
Dolans elevation. The children of OLQM also decorated the walls, wrote letters, and wrote spiritual bouquets wishing Cardinal Dolan the strength he needs to lead the Archdiocese.

Rebecca Spitz of NY1 News was able to capture and broadcast the event. She interviewed several students about how they felt during this joyous occasion. They even had some advice to pass on to the Cardinal. Seventh grader Ryan Polanco had this to say to him: Not to be nervous; to be calm. Even though there are 2.6 million people he has to lead and guide

Apple Revolution:

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School realizes that in order for our students to be ahead of the learning curve, they must be able to incorporate the latest technology into their daily routine. Thanks to the Title IID grant, we have been able to team up with Apple to push the envelope in our classrooms. The following are tools utilized in the classrooms by our students:

1. iPod
The worlds most famous MP3 player offers more than the occasional tune. The iPod is being used to bridge the gap between underachieving students and certain content areas. The iPod gives you the ability to download applications geared specifically towards certain subject areas. Now students can practice mathematical equations with the AlgebraPrep app and review the periodic table with The Elements app.

2. Podcast
Over the last several years podcasts have been one of the most popular mediums of delivering information to the general public. With the incorporation of an iPod as digital microphone and Garageband, a music production application, students are able to produce a podcast that not only enhances lessons but serve as a learning tool for other students.

3. ePub
Unsurprisingly, three of the top selling electronic devices on the market today happen to be e-book readers. Never to be outdone, the students at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs are now capable of producing their own ebooks. Students are able to produce their own interactive ePub documents and have them published onto the internet. Starting April 2011, anyone with an iPad, Kindle or Nook can now visit, download and read the works of the students of OLQM.

4. Ipads and Smart boards
There are Smart boards in 90% of our classroom. These are integrated with Ipad and used during math class to enhance the learning experience.

Microscope Room
Our world is awash in microorganisms not visible to the naked eye. A group of 4th and 5th graders under the tutelage of Mr.Woods, have taken up the challenge of examining the microorganisms of their world – from onion cells to organisms inhabiting the worm composter bins. As part of this extra-curricular activity, the students collect, stain, mount and view a host of the invisible world that inhabits the halls of OLQM.

Smart Pens
Students at OLQM are now able to record everything they hear, write or draw. When you write on special paper, the pen memorizes what you’ve written and simultaneously records the audio. Later, you can tap your notes on the page and hear, played back, the lecturer or interview subject who was speaking at the time.


Religion Fair
Students delve further into the roots of Catholicism.The academic year is filled with plenty of projects. In January, the students prepared their speeches for the Speech Bee. In March, they gathered historical information for their History Fair. In the spring, they ran around gathering scientific evidence to prove their hypotheses.This past November, students had to prepare for a different kind of fair. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs held its second annual Religion Fair. Students were able to compete in categories based on presentation boards, digital documentaries, and website creation. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders discussed events in church history, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders researched and presented one of the seven sacraments. The Religion Fair serves as a bridge between research and their faith. OLQM students are able to develop their presentation skills and get a better understanding of religious topics. The fair was judged by Fr. Antonio Almonte, the pastor, as parents milled around the students presentations in the school auditorium. Sacramental Programs

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi
Every year the children of OLQM look forward to one special mass. The always lovable Rev. Donald Johnston comes out of retirement for the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. The patron saint of animals brings out a plethora of animals. The usually quiet church becomes filled with barking dogs and chirping birds. Luckily for everyone, Virgil decided not to fly around the altar this year.

Living Saints
Students celebrate All Saints Day by dressing up as saints.
In this day and age, role models are rare. Television is full of violence and vanity. Some athletes and musicians are constantly providing the wrong message by getting themselves into trouble with their interpersonal relationships. Children are easily influenced and emulate what they see. This cultural norm has helped to deteriorate the message of fraternity and charity.

As part of our Catholic mission, it has become the responsibility of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School to help guide these young boys and girls. We must make sure that they have proper role models and strive to live the mission of Jesus Christ.

With all this in mind, on November 1st, 2011, The Feast of All Saints, OLQM held its first annual All Saints Day Dress up competition. Students were invited to dress up as their favorite saint. They also had to give a presentation on that saint. Several students took part in the competition and processed in during Mass. Saint Francis of Asissi, Kateri Tekakwitha, and Father John Bosco all made an appearance that day. Faculty and students were all in amazement. These students transformed an idea into a reality. After the Mass, the students each gave a brief presentation and described why they admired the saint they chose. Each student gave their own thoughts on that saint. In the eyes of all, these students have given a proper memorial to the people who truly dedicated their lives to helping others in need.




-First Holy Communion

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